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What are the warranty details?

Candock cubes carry a 20-year warranty. The Candock Jetslide has a 5-year warranty.

What colors are available?

Gray and beige are the standard colors. Custom colors are available upon request.

Can I install the dock by myself?

Yes, standard installations are very simple to assemble and install. We also offer installation services.

Can the dock be moved around on the water?

Yes, the Candock dock system is light and can be towed behind a boat.

Are the surfaces of the cubes slippery?

No, the special raised pattern on the cubes provides an anti-skid surface.

Why buy Candock instead of another floating dock?

Candock will be the last dock you ever buy. It is virtually maintenance-free, eco-friendly, lightweight, economical, durable, and easy to assemble. The layout can be modified anytime you wish or added on to with ease. Candock offers a complete line of accessories and the best warranty in the business.

Is it possible to leave a Candock dock system in the water in the winter?

It is possible, but only if there is no ice movement (e.g. rivers). When the water freezes, the cubes pop up on top of the ice. 85% of our installations in Minnesota are left in the water year round.

Could the Jetslide cause damage to my jet ski or boat?

No, the Jetslide is designed with next-generation plastic that is softer than the hull of your watercraft.

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